Trader Joe’s: Best Weekly Deals for November 26-December 1, 2012

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Here are the Trader Joe’s best weekly deals for November 26-December 1, 2012. Thanks to Jennifer of Healthy Life Deals for compiling these sales!

Globe Artichokes 4pk $2.99
English Peas 10oz $3.49

Organic Whole Carrots 16oz $0.89each
Organic Baby Carrots 16oz $1.69each
Organic English Cucumber $2.29 each
Organic Zuchinni 16oz $3.49ea

Applegate Farms Turkey Bologna 7oz $3.49
$1.00 Applegate Farms Organic Coupon
Total Price= $2.49

TJ Isreali Couscous 16oz $1.99
TJ Harvest Grains 16oz $2.69

J Organic Sugar 32oz $2.79
TJ Gluten Free Pancake and Waffle Mix 18oz $2.99

Rudi’s Gluten Free Bread $4.99
$1.00 Rudi’s Gluten Free Coupon
Total Price= $3.99

Rudis Gluten Free Buns $3.99
$1.00 Rudi’s Gluten Free Coupon
Total Price= $2.99

TJ Organic Cracked Wheat $3.49

TJ Organic Multigrain Oat $3.49
TJ Organic Soft Multigrain $2.99
TJ Organic Whole Grain Flax & Fiber $3.49

Pure Bar $1.49 Buy 2
Buy One Get One Free Printable Coupon
Total Price= $0.75 each wyb 2

Wisecrackers Roasted Garlic w/ Rosemary 4.4oz $1.99
TJ Applesauce Crushers 4pk $2.99

Raw Walnut Pieces 16oz $5.49
TJ Go Raw Trek Mix 15oz 10pk $4.99
TJ Dried Mango 6oz $1.69
TJ Dried Apricots 16oz $2.99

Tofurky Smoked Slices 5oz $2.49
$0.75 Tofurky Coupon
Total Price= $1.74

Morningstar Bacon 5.25oz $3.79
$1.00 Morningstar Coupon
Total Price= $2.79

Morningstar Patties 8oz $3.79
$1.00 Morningstar Coupon
Total Price= $2.79

Dr Preager texmex veggie burgers 4ct $3.49

Country Choice Organic Mutigrain $2.69
$1.00 Country Choice Coupon
Total Price= $1.69

Kashi Autumn Wheat $3.69
$2.00/2 Kashi Cereal RecycleBank Coupon
Total Price= $2.69 each wyb 2

Kashi Strawberry Fields $3.69
$2.00/2 Kashi Cereal RecycleBank Coupon
Total Price= $2.69 each wyb 2

McCanns Irish Oatmeal 16oz $3.29
$1.00 McCann’s Irish Oatmeal Coupon
Total Price= $2.29

Uncle Sam’s Original Cereal 10oz $2.49
$1.00 Uncle Sam’s Cereal Coupon
Total Price= $1.49

See the full list of deals here!

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