Bob’s Red Mill: Specials for July 2012

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Here are the Bob’s Red Mill sales for July 2012- 
These products are all 20% off for the month of July 2012 (unless otherwise marked):

  • Gluten Free Corn Grits/Polenta-50% off
  • White Corn Grits- 50% off
  • Hard Red Wheat Berries
  • Organic Regular Rolled Oats
  • 13 Bean Soup Mix
  • Wild & Brown Rice Mix
  • Millet Grits/Meal
  • Gluten Free Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal
  • Whole Wheat Pearl Couscous
  • 5 Gallon Round Bucket with Lid- 10% off
  • Gamma Seal Lid- 10% off
  • Oxygen Absorber 4-Pack- 10% off

Sales end July 31, 212.

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