Whole Foods Market: Deals for the Week of June 27- July 3, 2012

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Jennifer at Healthy Life Deals did great work finding the best deals at Whole Foods this week!

The Deals

Organic Squash  $1.99lb
Organic Zuchinni $1.99lb
Organic Cherries  $4.99lb
Organic Yellow Onion $0.99lb
Peaches $1.69lb

Earthbound Farms Organic Baby Spinach 5oz $3.00
*$0.75 Earthbound Farm Coupon 
Total Price= $2.25
*Prints for ANY EBF Product

Easy Peel Shrimp16/20 $11.99lb
Fresh Rainbow Trout $9.99lb
Salmon Burgers 6oz $4.00ea.

Beef Eye of Round Steak $6.99lb
Bone in Beef Sirloin Steak $8.99lb
Raw Pork Bratwurst $4.99lb

Kashi 7 Grain Pilaf $2.99 (everday price) Buy 2
$2.00/2  Kashi Recyclebank Coupon (100pt)
and   use 2- $1.00 Whole Planet Calendar 2012
Total Price=$0.99 each wyb 2

Back to Nature Trail mix $5.68
$1.00 Back to Nature  Peelie Coupon
Total price= $4.68

Late July Chips 5.5oz $2.00(eds 7/17) Buy 2
$1.00/2 Late July  Peelie Coupon
Total Price= $1.50 each

Terra Sweet Potato Chips $2.50 (end 7/17)
$1.00 Terra Chip Coupon in Vitamin Angel Booklet
Total Price= $1.50

Food Should Taste Good Chips $2.00
$1.00 Food Should Taste Good Chips Coupon
Total Price= $1.00

Clif Mojo Bar $0.99 (everyday price) Buy 2

use 2- $0.55 Clif Mojo Bar Coupon in  Mambo Sprouts Spring Booklet 
and $1.00/2 Clif Mojo Whole Foods Coupon
Total Price=  TWO FREE 

Luna bar $0.99 (everday price)
$1.00 Luna Bar Coupon in  Mambo Sprouts Spring Booklet 
and $1.00 Luna Bar Coupon in  Whole Planet Calendar 2012 
Total Price=FREE 

thinkThin Crunch Fruit & Nut $1.99(everyday price)
$1.00 thinkThin Crunch Coupon (cashier may have to adjust)
and $1.00 thinkthin Whole Foods Coupon
Total Price= FREE

Hain Canola Oil 32oz $4.99
$1.00 Hain Coupon in Vitamin Angel Booklet
Total Price= $3.99

Mediterranean Organics Sundried Tomatoes 3oz $3.99(ends 7/31)
Total Price= $2.99

Mediterranean Organics Olives 5oz $4.99
$1.00 Mediterranean Organics Coupon
Total Price= $3.99

Kashi Indigo Morning $3.69
$2.00/2 Kashi  Recyclebank Coupon
and use 2- Kashi Coupon in Whole Planet Calendar
Total Price= $1.69

SOL Cuisine Vegan Burger $5.99
$0.50 SOL Cuisine Tearpad Coupon 
Total Price= $5.49

Ezekiel Burger Buns 16oz $3.99 Buy 2
$1.00/2 Food For Life Ezekiel Coupon
Total price= $3.49 each wyb 2

SO Delicious Dessert Bars $4.00
$1.00 SO Delicious Frozen Peelie Coupon(found on So Delicous 64oz Milk)
Total Price= $3.00

Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade 32oz $1.25

Apple & Eve Juice Box act $1.99(ends 7/17)
$0.55 Apple & Eve Coupon
Total Price= $1.44

Zevia Soda 6pk $4.98 Buy 4 (T&C Store)
10% Case Discount
$1.00 Zevia Coupon in Mambo Sprouts Spring 2012 Booklet 
Total Price=  $3.48 each wyb 4

If You Care Lawn and Leaf Bags $5.99(ends 7/17)

BioKleen Bac Out Bathroom Cleaner $5.99(ends 7/31)
$1.00 BioKleen Coupon
Total Price= $4.99

Kiss My Face Moisutre Shave 1oz (travel) $1.29(everday price)
 $1.00 Kiss My Face Recyclebank Coupon
Total Price= $0.29

Kiss My Face Toothpaste $5.99(everday price)
$1.00 Kiss My face  Recyclebank Coupon
and $1.00 Kiss My Face Whole Foods Coupon
Total Price= $3.99

Newman’s Own Dry Cat Food $10.99
$1.00 Newman’s Own Cat Food Coupon
Total Price= $9.99

See the full list of deals here!

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