How to Make Lactose Free Milk

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The timeliness of this article could not be more relevant…After a nighttime bowl of cereal, I feel sick to my stomach. Very sick. Given that I just found out I am not a celiac (via blood test) I’m guessing it must have been the milk.

I loved this article about how to make lactose free milk, and thanks to Money Saving Mom for pointing this one out!

image by Tammy’sRecipes


  1. Darlene says:

    I emailed Tammy about her article, because no where did she mention raw milk. For lactose-intolerant people, raw milk is a more healthy alternative than simply adding these drops to the grocery store, pasteurized poison they label milk. Raw milk naturally contains lactase, as well as multiple other enzymes, nutrients, and vitamins not found in the *other stuff*.

    Your readers need to be made aware of the health benefits of raw milk, and that even lactose-intolerant people drink it with ease. The adulteration of real milk is the real problem.

  2. Christina says:

    Darlene is right– I can tolerate raw milk whereas pasteurized literally turns my stomach. It affected my daughter during breast-feeding, too. She would have awful reflux if I consumed pasteurized milk products, but was much better when I stuck to raw milk products.

    However, not everyone has access to real (raw) milk, so a good second alternative is this drops.

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