US Wellness Meats: 15% Off with Coupon Code

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Did you know that US Wellness Meats often has a 15% off coupon code hidden in their newsletter?

To get this week’s code, you open the article by Catherine Ebeling so that you can read the full thing. There are red letters hidden in the text, and when you put them together they spell the word “SPEED”. With this code you get 15% off your order!

This particular code is good through Tuesday, September 21. The codes are usually only code from the Sunday-Tuesday of the week that they come up.

Almost every newsletter has a discount like this built into it, so you can subscribe to their newsletter to be notified of these discounts so you can use them when you make a purchase. I won’t be sharing the coupon codes regularly, because the point is that you subscribe to the newsletter yourself, but I wanted to make you aware of their existence!


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